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Garudan Thookkam at Varanad Temple

Garudan Thookkam is conducted as an offering to Varanattamma on the day of Kumbha Bharani and it is the most sacred and most favourite offering of the goddess. Besides Garudan Thookkam. OttaThookkam is another important offering. It is compulsory that the first Otta Thookkam should be from the Vayalar area.

After killing Darika, the goddess was in a highly incensed state and reached the zenith of the Raudra Bhava when Lord Shiva tried his best to pacify her. But her anger could be alleviated only with the appearance of Lord Vishnu when she became calm and pleasant. Maha Vishnu sent his mascot Garuda to the goddess to alleviate her anger, pacify her and make her happy for the well being of the world. The joyous Garuda approached Devi with all due orchestral music and related festivities. All along the way he threw fruits and other food stuff to the birds and animals, made them happy and finally on reaching the holy presence of Devi with awe and respect, offered his blood to the goddess. Accepting the offering, Devi is said to have become happy and granted all her devotees their hearts’ desires. It is to commemorate this incident that the goddess’s most favourite offering Garudan Thookkam is held regularly. To pull the chariot of Garuda and to participate in the celebrations numerous devotees come here from all over Kerala and abroad. When Garuda approaches the goddess’s abode, a hook is connected on Garuda’s back. The Garuda moves round the temple, bows before the goddess and goes back. Sometimes two or more Garudan Thookkam are offered every year.

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